Carlisle World Shop 

 A Fairtrade Shop for a Fairtrade City

One of a kind, high-quality, upcycled and handmade gifts.

Fairtrade allows artisans to take pride in their work! 

Fairtrade helps address the economic imbalances that would otherwise make it impossible for marginalised artisans to compete against big businesses. This enables artisans to be artisans, producing high-quality, earth-friendly, unique items that benefit both the craftsperson and the customer. 

Product profile:
KlicketyKlik Boxes from South Africa
KlicketyKlik Boxes are Eco-Friendly gift boxes made from recycled plastic pop bottles. Fairtrade Artisans in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town produce roughly 350 of these boxes a day, and the work helps to support and empower women from marginalised communities in South Africa. The boxes make ideal presents. Fill them with treats such as Fairtrade Fudge or a Pair of jazzy bamboo socks for an extra-special gift.

About us

Carlisle World Shop was established in 2003 in order to make a difference in the world. It is our mission to provide a wide variety of ethical, environmentally-friendly, fairly traded products sourced from otherwise marginalised, small producers throughout the developing world. We carry an extensive range of remarkable, handmade items, and top-quality food and drinks, and each purchase has a verifiable, positive impact on the lives of artisans and farmers the world over. Purchases benefit card-makers in Rwanda, jewellery-artists in Mexico, olive-growers in Palestine, and loom-weavers in India, to name but a few examples.  We also work to raise awareness about Fairtrade generally, educating customers about the way in which Fairtrade helps equalise otherwise unfair trading practices, tackling injustices such as child-labour, gender-inequality, unfair wages, and unsafe working conditions. Carlisle World Shop is proud to be the founder of the Carlisle Fairtrade Steering Group which played a key role in the successful campaign to make Carlisle a Fairtrade City. The shop is also a member of the Carlisle Ambassadors, working to help business and community thrive in the city. We continually strive to promote partnerships between Fairtrade producers, our customers, and our wider community overall.

Product Profile:
Recycled glassware from Bolivia

This sturdy, beautiful glassware is made using discarded glass. The recycling process requires minimal water, making it environmentally friendly. crisil, the family-owned company that makes the glassware, provides Fair-wages, healthy working conditions, and accident insurance to 90 employees, and benefits upwards of 500 poor families in the region through related industries ( and paper collectors).


Carlisle World Shop would be nothing without its volunteers. With the exception of the shop-manager, Carlisle World Shop is entirely staffed by volunteers who generously devote their time to making the shop the wonderful, welcoming place that it is. Whether you've just stopped in for a browse, or have specific questions in mind, our volunteers provide knowledgeable, friendly service, and make your Fairtrade shopping experience an enjoyable one. We can't thank them enough!

If you'd like to become a volunteer, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you! No retail experience is required (we provide full training); just a desire to help Fairtrade flourish. See below for our contact details.
One of our fantastic volunteers participating in the Dalston-to-Carlisle Fairtrade Walk, sportingly dressed as a Fairtrade banana to raise awareness.

Business Hours:

Mon - Sat

1 Lowthians Lane, English St.,
Carlisle, CA3 8JR
01228 550385

(We're hidden down the alley between White Stuff and HSBC)

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